Q:Why Is Top-Dress with Compost so Effective?

A:Compost significantly increases soil’s ability to hold water, improves soil structure, stimulates microbial activity, breaks down thatch and neutralizes the soil’s pH, creating a healthy sustainable lawn. It is simply the best natural slow-release soil amendment.

Q:How to Get Rid of Weeds Using Corn Gluten?

A:Corn gluten meal is a both an herbicide and a natural source of nitrogen. It is non-toxic and will not damage your lawn. Using the pellet form of corn gluten will protect your lawn for up to six weeks. Corn gluten meal can be applied with a fertilizer spreader followed by a water application. The pellets will continue to decompose and release into the ground every time it rains. Applying corn meal in the spring controls the germination of weed seeds.

Q:How Often Should a Lawn be Mowed?

A:It is generally recommended that the lawn be mowed once a week to avoid shocking it by cutting too much of the grass blade. During hot spells, the cutting height should be raised to prevent the lawn from drying out.

Q:When is the Best Time to Water a Lawn?

A:The best time to water a lawn is early in the morning to avoid loss due to evaporation. Watering at night can cause the lawn to remain wet for a long period of time, which can contribute to fungal disease. There is no need to water more than about 2.5 cm per week to maintain a healthy lawn, including rainfall. Lawns should typically be watered twice a week, even with an in-ground sprinkler. It is better to water less frequently and for longer periods of time.

Q:When Should Grass Seeding be Done?

A:Grass seeds are typically applied either in the spring or in the fall, when the weather is generally cooler. They can be applied with a top dressing soil to help thicken the lawn and reduce the incidence of weeds, insects and fungi. A layer of compost can also be applied to allow the seeds to remain moist.

Q:How Important is it to Use Mulch in My Gardens?

A:Mulch is typically an organic material such as bark that helps the soil retain water and inhibit weed growth. Mulch also gives your garden aesthetic appeal.