Q:What are the effects of Salt on Laneways?

A:When salt is applied on a laneway, it invariably ends up on your lawn during snow blowing. Salt is known to cause grass damage and should therefore be avoided. There are other abrasives on the market that are as effective as salt and will not harm your grass.

Q:How Can Damage to Our Laneway be Avoided during Snow-blowing Operations?

A:The following are some precautions to take to avoid the possibility of damage to your laneway:

-Carefully mark any obstacles on your laneway prior to the first snowfall.

-Lower any paving stones that may have lifted to make them even with the rest.

-Make sure that any grates or water shut-off valves are flush with your laneway.

Q:What Should I Look for when Hiring a Snow-blowing Contractor?

A:- The company has general liability insurance covering snow removal.

- The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau and licensed by the City of Ottawa.

- How much snow must fall before they will come and what time do they start?

- Will they return after the city snowplows?

- Does the company have state-of-the-art equipment that will not damage the laneway?

- Does the company offer credits for light winters?

- Does the contractor respect their contract and clean snow up to April 15?