Drought Stress on Lawns

With the brutally high temperatures, and lack of rain we’ve been experiencing, lawns are starting to look burnt and dead (even for those who may water on a consistent basis). This is referred to as “drought stress.” There are two trains of thought on dealing with this:

1. Water 3 times weekly- do a good soaking (at least 1 inch total of water over the week). Morning is the best time. If you can’t water in the early morning, before dinner is the next best time. Nighttime watering is a poor choice as it encourages growth of mold and pests. Disadvantage: high water bill

**We highly encourage our clients who do have a program to make sure they are watering regularly so that our products can work and give you a lush, green lawn.

2. Let the grass go “dormant”- water only once every 10-14 days. This is just enough water to keep grass alive, but it will not look green or aesthetically pleasing. However, water bill will be lower. As long as water is being provided in that interval, grass should bounce back one we start to get more consistent rain.

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