Does my lawn need a lime treatment?

Liming can be a very important part in ensuring you have a healthy, green lawn. Lime treatments, also referred to as Calcium Soil Conditioner, help to restore the pH in weak, worn out lawns.

There are several ways to determine if your lawn requires a lime application.

  1. Visual indicators include grass that is sickly looking, yellowed, coarse, weedy, or contains dead spots (these spots should be evaluated because they can also be an indicator of grub or insect infestation). The presence of moss or fungus are also clues that your grass needs help.
  2. Another way to determine if calcium soil conditioner is needed is with a soil test. Our technicians check our Pro-Golf and Worry-Free program clients’ soil to determine the pH. In healthy lawns, the pH is 7. In acidic lawns, it’s lower, and in alkaline yards, it’s higher. 7 is the goal pH for a dark green, lush lawn.

Supplying lime to soil helps to make nutrients more readily available to the plants, creating stronger root systems. Lime can be applied annually. In lawns that are in rough shape, it may take a few years of applications to see a dramatic improvement.

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