Tuesday, February 18th

Drivers are starting to head in, and should all be on routes by 12:00 pm. We are doing one pass today as we anticipate some messy laneways once the afternoon rain combines with the snow. We will do our best to ensure everybody gets a full cleaning, but we will … Read more

Thursday, Feb 13th update

We haven’t quite hit 5 cm, but we realise that with the wind and drifting some driveways are looking pretty bad. Our drivers will be heading out this afternoon to do a clean up. If you’re able to keep your driveway free of vehicles or garbage cans, please do so. … Read more

February 7, 2020 Update

Good morning. The snow is expected to continue accumulating until well into the late afternoon. Our drivers have started their first passes this morning at 6 am, and we anticipate a long several days ahead for them. Our online dispatch tool is available for emergencies. You may also use the … Read more