Snow clearing will commence after an accumulation of approximately five centimetres (5 cm) or more. Included are follow-up visits after city and sidewalk plows have passed and repeat cleanings during prolonged, heavy snowstorms. The timing of service visits will vary from storm to storm. The contractor shall be permitted to remove snow from the client’s property at any time.

Snow clearing means blowing snow from a described physical area to any permissible area nearby. Stacking or hauling of snow, sanding, salting, de-icing or hand shovelling is not included in this contract unless otherwise specified. The contractor shall not be held responsible in any way for damages or damages due to icy or slippery conditions.

The contractor requests that vehicles parked in the designated snow removal areas be removed by 10 am in order for our drivers to successfully complete cleaning operations. Complete clearing will not be guaranteed for vehicles removed after this time.

The term of this contract is from November 1 to April 15 of the indicated season, or up to a total accumulation of 275 cm of snow as recorded by the Macdonald-Cartier Int’l. Airport (most current 5-yr average is approximately 215 cm for this area). The client agrees to pay a surcharge for additional snow accumulation proportional to this contract rate. Furthermore, the contractor agrees to credit the client for an accumulation of less than 150 cm at the same agreed rate (applied only to the following season snow-blowing renewal).

Walkway shovelling service, if included in this contract, is performed separately from the laneway service and will begin at the end of each snowfall of 5 cm or more. This service does not include the removal of snow accumulation resulting from roof cleaning, drifting snow or the removal of ice from the walkway resulting from freezing rain, sleet or compaction. Shovelling of snow in front of garage doors and porch areas may entail additional charges.

Services requested by the client that cannot be performed during regular snow removal hours may incur an additional charge (i.e. cleaning areas where vehicles are removed or snow shovelled from a roof, etc.).

The contractor shall not be held responsible for damages to movable articles left in the designated snow removal area including, but not limited to: basketball nets, garbage cans, recycling bins, plant pots, toys, hockey sticks, extension cords, Christmas lights, etc. Please remove all articles from the laneway prior to each snowstorm.

Basketball nets must be turned or elevated to at least ten feet (10 ft) to provide adequate clearance for tractors. Please have gutter downspout extensions removed prior to the commencement of the winter season. Elevated water valve caps in laneways should be hammered down level with the surrounding surface. The client may either do this him/herself or contact the City of Ottawa at 613-580-2400.

The contractor will install two border markers along the street side of the laneway prior to the snow-removal season. It is the client’s responsibility to supply and install additional markers around immovable objects such as retaining walls, steps, elevated patio stones, wheelchair ramps, etc., which may become invisible when covered by snow. The contractor shall not be liable for any scratches or rust marks or damage caused to heaved, chipped or uneven asphalt or interlock surfaces.

Prepayment discounts will apply only if the contract is received before October 1 of the current season. Proof of discount eligibility may be requested. Cheques returned for any reason will incur an administrative charge of $30.00 per cheque. A fee of two percent (2%) per month will be charged on all past due amounts.

Should the price of diesel at the pumps meet or exceed $1.50 per litre ($1.50/L) as per at any point from November 1 to April 15 of the current season, the client agrees to pay a fuel surcharge of $15.00.

In default of any payment or upon the breach of any of the conditions herein on the part of the client, this contract shall be rendered null and void. The contractor shall be released from all liability and shall not be required to perform any further services under this agreement. Should the contractor be proven in breach of any of the conditions herein, this contract may be cancelled by the client and reimbursed for any amounts prepaid. In the event of sale or re-occupation of the client’s house, this contract will not be cancelled or refunded, but may be transferred into the name of the new occupants.

The contractor is fully insured for public liability and property damage. All employees are covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).