NEW Online Dispatch

We have a handy new orange button located in the upper right hand side of the website, called “Online Dispatch.” During storms or snow events, you may fill out this simple form and our helpful office staff will address the issue as quickly as possible.

One Time Service

Like to shovel, have your own snowblower, but occasionally want somebody else to do the work? Capital Services offers ONE TIME snow blowing. Call us at 613-599-4392 OR email and we can set you up for a one time cleaning when our tractors are out. The cost for a … Read more

Happy New Year! Dec. 31 Update

Happy New Year’s Eve! The snow is anticipated┬áto continue beyond midnight. We have word that city plows are beginning their routes at 3 am, so that’s when our drivers are heading out to do full and complete passes. They will follow up throughout the day tomorrow to do further clean … Read more

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